Got senior care FAQs? We have answers

I'm here to help you navigate aging

Aging comes with many questions, my role is to help answer some along the way.

When you partner with Caren Lee Cares you don’t travel the path alone, you walk it with a trusted companion. I can help you weigh your options and make decisions you feel comfortable with. 

I will not take over your seniors care or change your developed plan. My purpose is to advocate, guide, and support you and your loved one. Navigating the healthcare system is complicated and expensive. I want to lend my expertise to help you manage all the appointments, medications, and processes, so you don’t have to do it alone. Working with a professional who has experience in the industry and can help explain how it all works will ultimately save you time and money. When you work with me, you will know the right care plan is in place for your senior, providing you peace of mind.

To start, I will conduct three health assessments to understand the current care plan, medications, needs, and long-term goals. Based on those, I will recommend a care plan with specific action steps. The care plan can include: attending medical appointments, advocating care, explaining procedures, signing up for services like Access-A-Ride, social security, or do wellness checks.

I am your partner in this journey and am transparent in my process. I will not recommend a care plan I do not 100% agree with. I am open to adding or removing options you do not feel comfortable with.

The level of commitment depends on you. There is no contract to work with me long term, you can cancel at any moment. I provide package options, as well as a la carte options, so you can customize the package that works best.
Every conversation we have is confidential, anything you share with me is private and secure. I will not share your private healthcare information with anyone as it is protected by HIPPA. All your paperwork will be securely filed and secure.
You may be comfortable working with someone, but ask yourself, are you getting the results you would like to see? Are they fully listening to your concerns and working with you to find solutions that are practical and results-oriented? I promise to work alongside you, to listen to you, and find holistic solutions to your health concerns.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Geriatric Care Manager in New York City with over 17 years of experience in healthcare-based social work among the older adult population. My professional background as a scholarly practitioner includes work at nonprofits and hospitals, as well as state and private agencies, spanning across psychiatric social work services, psychotherapy with older adults, clinical supervision with practitioners, and intensive case management services. I have logged 10,000 hours of home visit assessments and clinical experience within NYC’s Aging Network. I facilitate support groups for caregivers helping them understand care planning and public benefits access.

I pride myself on the advice and care I provide to my clients. I maintain strict confidentiality while strategically opening the lines of communication and trust within the family circle, especially during stressful and difficult times of decision or change. I am professionally trained and ready to provide my expertise to your family.

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